Making your next conference poster memorable – Part 1

Conference posters are the most abundant form of scientific communication and frequently the first incursion of scientists-in-training into dissemination — ahead of oral presentations or peer-reviewed papers. For researchers at any career stage, posters are an excellent opportunity to share work in progress, test new ideas, network, and sharpen a variety of communication skills — […]

Library’s Center for Health & Science Communication seeks staff to expand services

Do you know someone who is passionate about helping scientists effectively share the benefits and impact of their work to diverse audiences? Becker Library’s Center for Health and Science Communication is expanding its capacity to further enhance its services around science communication and is actively seeking candidates for its new position. 

Key takeaways from #SciComm Week

Dr. Joyce Balls-Berry, Melissa Marshall and the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science

Becker Library recently hosted its first #SciComm Week to launch its new Center for Health and Science Communication. Three exceptional science communicators shared their expertise for the series. Here are a few highlights from the presentations. Transforming Slide Design Melissa Marshall, Founder of Present Your Science, kicked off the week by sharing the assertion-evidence slide design […]

Health numeracy: Tips for communicating numbers with patients and research participants

We communicate numbers daily in healthcare and clinical research. Patients and research participants are asked to decipher their risk reduction, manage their medication dosing, understand their lab results and much more. Yet, nine out of ten U.S. adults do not have the appropriate numeracy skills for these situations.1   So how can we help our […]