Recordings of previous presentations from the Center for Health and Science Communication are available to view and download from Digital Commons@Becker.

2023-2024 Speakers and Topics

Save Your Poster, Save the World, Zen Faulkes, PhD

Forging Relationships with K12 Schools: The Power of Listening First, Victoria May

Science Communication to Enhance Health Decisions, Ellen Peters, PhD

A Writer’s Journey: University Communicator to Journalist and Back Again, Chris Woolston

2022-2023 Speakers and Topics

The Translational Science Benefits Model: Moving Beyond Traditional Measures of Research Impact, Stephanie Andersen

How to Craft a Creative Pitch, Cyril Loum

Social Media Engagement for Healthcare Workers, Rakhee K. Bhayani, MD

What’s Your Story? Using Narratives to Open Science, Maryam Zaringhalam, PhD

Communicating Beyond the Academy: Reaching Policymakers and Stakeholders, Beth Prusaczyk, PhD, MSW

2021-22 Speakers and Topics

Communicating with Policymakers to Maximize Impact, Karen Joynt Maddox, MD, and Timothy McBride, PhD

Using Empathy to Become a Better Science Communicator, Rebecca Schwarzlose, PhD

Transforming Slide Design, Melissa Marshall

Inclusion of Diverse Populations in Health Research, Joyce E. Balls-Berry, PhD, MPE

Creating Connections: An Introduction to the Alda Method, Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science

2019-20 Speakers and Topics

Using Popular Media to Combat Health Misinformation, Jessi Gold, MD, MS

From Professional to Personal: Communication Tips from Children’s Mom Docs, Jamie Kondis, MD, and Kendra Whittle

Comics and Graphic Novels about Medicine: Healthcare Providers, Patients and the Medical System, Jessica Gross, PhD

Taking it to the Masses: Building Science Outreach Programs, Cynthia Wichelman, MD, and Erik Herzog, PhD

Be Podcast-ic: Tips for hosting or guesting on a podcast, Jim Dryden and Claire Gauen

2018-19 Speakers and Topics

Minding our Words: Communicating to Mitigate Negative Impact, Paola Rijos-Saitta, MSW, LCSW, and Vetta Sanders Thompson, PhD

Empowering Your Audience through Visualization: Graphic, numerical, historical, Heather Corcoran and Alvitta Ottley, PhD

The Other Side of Complexity: Crafting Prevention Messages for the Public, Hank Dart, MS

How to Promote Your Work with Social Media: Takeaways from Gun Violence Prevention and Stop the Bleed, L.J. Punch, MD

Communicating Genetic Test Results, Patricia Dickson, MD, Sarah Hartz, MD, PhD, Jonathan W Heusel, MD, PhD, and Jessica Mozersky, PhD, MBE

2017-18 Speakers and Topics

Telling your Story in a “Post-Truth” World, Tina Hesman Saey, Jeanne Erdmann, Eli Chen, and Ava Ehrlich

Communicating Science to the Media, Elizabethe Holland Durando and Judy Martin Finch

Promoting Your Research to Non-NIH Funders: Communicating with foundations and investors can present unique challenges, Andrew Yee, PhD, Gwendalyn J. Randolph, PhD, and Emil R. Unanue, MD

Lost in Translation:  Communicating with a Multidisciplinary Scientific Audience, Andrew Knight, PhD, and Alan Schwartz, MD, PhD

Communicating Research with Lay Audiences, Tim Poor, Denise Hooks-Anderson, MD, and Will Ross, MD, MPH

Elevator Pitches – Stories in 3 Minutes or Less, Sally Michael and Indira Mysorekar, PhD

Preparing Dynamic & Engaging Presentations, Mychal Voorhees and Victoria Fraser, MD

Social Media for Promoting Science & Research, Amy Suiter, Dera Luce, and Kenan Omurtag, MD