/ The SciComm Journal Club

The SciComm Journal Club

November 1, 2023
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Join us for the inaugural meeting of the SciComm Journal Club, an opportunity to learn about and discuss the latest advances in science communication research, current trends in scientific output, and challenges scientists encounter when disseminating their work. Our first meeting will discuss “Misinformation in and about science “and other recent works of Carl Bergstrom, a Professor of Biology at the University of Washington, who specializes in the evolution of communication–in both biological and social systems.

We will explore the practices that lead to misinformation in the scientific enterprise, including hype, echo chambers, citation bias, and predatory publishing, and reflect upon what can be done to combat them. Reading is suggested but not required to join the discussion!

This event is hosted by the Center for Health & Science Communication at Becker Library and is open to all. Snacks and coffee will be provided. Contact Monica Sala-Rabanal at msala@wustl.edu with any questions.